Tuesday, June 16, 2015

God Did Not Give us the Spirit of Fear

I was impressed by the article article Fear of Pain that appeared in the Be in Health Magazine of Jan Feb March 2015 and so I am enthusiastic to share some key points with you. I am ordained clergy with Abba ministries of Canada, but in my other working life I am a university lecturer with a Masters degree in Applied Behavioral Sciences and a PhD in Management Sciences. I am a partner with the Be in Health Organization, so let me first tell you a bit about Be in Health.

Be in Health is is a global organization that teaches the principles that bring healing of relationships that produce health and it is under the leadership of Henry and Donna Wright. The headquarters are located in Thomaston Georgia.

Be in Health is dedicated to helping people by offering insights to why mankind has diseases, spiritual roots of diseases and blocks to healing. Spiritual insights are combined with cutting-edge medical research. Be in Health was birthed in part out of the frustration that only 5% of people are defeating disease at any level. 

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7

Over 4,000 fears have been named. That list includes fear of disability, fear of pain, fear of suffering. Most people are not aware that fear of pain can produce pain. You can also accelerate pain levels by thinking about it as your body responds to your thoughts.

The article reminds us that fear and stress directly affect nervous impulses. Pain is a result of flaring dendrites. Pain can be a psychogenic symptom of the fear of pain. But not all pain is psychogenic, which is pain created by the process of the mind. Pain can be organic. Pain can be organic and there are various degrees of pain.

Pain also comes from inflammation. Migraine headaches come from vasodilation of the blood vessels in the cranial region as a result of the over-secretion of serotonin, which is a vascoconstrictor. That is what that is.

In this case, migraine is a psychogenic pain but it produces a real pain. The root is psychogenic because it is rooted in conflict with yourself and over issues you are in conflict with. That causes an under-secretion of serotonin and an over-secretion of histamine because you have a combination of fear and self-hatred. Fear and self-hatred are two spiritual dynamics that can produce migraine.

To get rid of migraines, you have to get rid of fear and get rid of self-rejection, self-hatred and guilt. It is that simple. Anyone who has had migraines becomes afraid of them because the pain is debilitating.

Fight or Flight

Matthew 6:25. "Therefore I say unto you, take no thought." The keyword is thought. Fear projected into the future involves thought. You can be programmed to fear. When that fear sets into motion a wide range of neurological and hormonal reactions, then it is fight or flight. God has created us with that fight or flight as part of our creation in a basic stage. The devil takes the fear originated in the alarm stage and perverts it into a long-term anxiety; the resistance stage. This is how he has programmed us with a fallacy. He is a liar, a deceiver. His name Satan means deceiver. He is a master of deception, manipulation and control. He manipulates your response by deceiving you with a lie about the level of danger he wants you to think you have been exposed.

The Battle Continues
In the resistance stage, even when the danger is gone, you are still geared up for fight or flight. When that happens, your bloodstream id filled with hormones - all sent by your hypothalamus to fight the enemy.

Reversing the Situation
The beginning of reversing it is when you start to take your peace. Because you take your peace and you have knowledge does not mean the reaction stops instantly. It takes a while for the body to respond. If you are not aware of this, the devil takes advantage of your ignorance and fills you with thoughts of doubt and unbelief. If you are applying these principles and the symptoms do not go away instantly, you may go right into more fear,unbelief and doubt which accelerates more of the same.

When you know the truth, you can be at peace while you are confidently  waiting for your body to respond. You must fight this one or it will control you for the rest of your life. Yahooshua (Jesus) said "If you continue in my word...you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."

If you have been received help from this information or if you need additional help and insights, please leave a comment or contact, Rev. Dr. Clifford Blake at cgbiz@rogers.com.

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