Saturday, October 12, 2013

Review of Holy Spirit Revelation & Revolution

Reinhard Bonnke's Holy Spirit Revelation & Revolution Exploring Spiritual Dimensions, rekindled the fire of evangelism in me as I was reminded of the work of the holy spirit here on earth.

He reminds us that it is the "Holy Spirit who adds depth to every major doctrine. The revolutionary secret is out. The gospel is for the body s well as the soul. God is as active on earth as he is in Heaven. We know now who the Holy Spirit really is. He is the agent of divine action on earth."

It is interesting to note, he reminds us, that the revival of interest in the Spirit came from people on the fringe, people of unknown faith on the outer edges of Christianity who only had experience. They had no theology and so were met with suspicion by the scholars and men of the Church.

So here is the CREDO as published in the book:

"God is pouring out his Spirit, manifest power, the greatest non-scientific power on earth.

The Spirit is the creator and upholder of the whole universe and this world is his special interest and responsibility.

Sent by the Father, the Holy Spirit imparts himself to all who believe. No one else can impart him. He is a Person, not a commodity. We cannot order Deity.

The Baptism in the Spirit is physical and spiritual. The spirit "abides" and makes us aware of his constant presence with assurance of his lasting power.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of love, love's beginning and source. Love is shed in our hearts by the Holy Spirit, our greatest asset, mightier than miracles.

The Holy Sprit is the reality of Christianity. Without the Spirit the Christian faith is powerless and impossible. He is the essence, the secret dynamic of faith, and its actuating force.

The Spirit is pneuma, rushing wind, always active. There is no still wind and no still Holy Spirit. If we claim to have the Spirit we shall be active with him and to that degree. His only instruments are believers.

The Spirit made all things and keeps them together. He cannot care for the world without miracles. To deny miracles is to deny the creator his rights."

I trust that as you read these words and even delve further in the book that you will realize that the Christian's job cannot be done without the anointing of the Holy Spirit and that we will obey the instruction: "Be filled with the Spirit!" (Ephesians 5:18).

Bonke, Reinhard, & Canty, George (2007) Holy Spirit Revelation & Revolution. Orlando, Florida:E-R Productions.

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